Picture a Day

I am starting a new project for a class that I am taking called “Picture a Day”.  This will involve the obvious image of the day.  there will be times that I do something really fun and post more that that but for the most part it will be a blog post a day and I will describe the image and why I took it.

This is not a new image, however, it is one that I really enjoy.  I created this for a project last year where I have to make a collage.  I like steampunk art and when this assignment came up for some reason an image of an eye came into my head.  The result I think is pretty cool and whimsical. Hope you enjoy it as I do. #photoadayassignment


Steampunk Eye

3 responses to “Picture a Day

  1. A “picture a day” is a hell of a commitment. I have never been able to do that.
    I know there are lots of point-and-shooter types that thoughtlessly aim their cameras at any & everything. I think it is easy for them.
    Saying that, I look forward to what someone with your skill and experience will produce.

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