Is Technology Making Us Crazy?

When I first started to read this, I thought it sounded a little crazy writing an article saying that it can, however, after reading this I find it interesting that this is possible.  I also can relate to many of the obsessions as I am right now looking at Facebook every few minutes along with my email a news feed and to top it off watching a tv show.  I left out rubbing my cat since she is not technology.  Many things I feel that I have to do to maintain a presence for my business as social media has become critical to become successful lain business.  My addiction started back in the late 70s’ when I took a typing and word processing class.  I took a class on writing code in dos and it fascinated me.  Then the home pc came to be and my first one was slow, no audio 3.5 floppy disk.  Basically, it was good for word processing and doing some basic book keeping. Then low and behold the modem came out and there was AOL and all its wonders of the internet.  Chat rooms and the loss of personal interaction began.

Today I have little to no personal interaction with most of my clients even over the phone. There is video conferencing, email, chat and many other methods.  I work from home in isolation other than media channels to communicate with my clients and companies.  We have done what every employer dreams of by having someone digitally strapped to their desks via electronics.  They do not need to pack up their presentations or note pads and head over to a conference room to have a meeting.  This would take 10 minutes or so then followed by a meeting and 10 or so minutes back to the office.  Now they stay at their desk and have this meeting while at the same time they are multitasking and checking emails or working on the project etc.

We have become slaves to digital devices and yes, I can see how it brings people into a digital insanity. I have over the last year or so left my phone in the car or on my desk and decompressed by spending time with my wife or watching tv.  I also find pleasure in taking pictures and will be a part of my retirement.  While the camera is digital it responds for me and not I for the camera.

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